What We Do

At Trent Energy we ensure our design and installation services are better supported than those of any other supplier in the market

Consultancy and Design

Our highly qualified design team is able to work closely with project consultants to plan an optimum route that minimizes cost and disruption. We get called out by our Clients to look at feasibility studies for various pipework routes through tunnels, under canals, over canals, under rail track much more. We will deploy GPR surveys, topographic survey and an in-depth utility surveys to help plan the best route for insulated district heating pipework. Our CAD Technician will produce 3-D drawings showing the pipework route. This helps with planning and procurement too.

We work closely with the main manufacturers and suppliers of insulated pipework within the District Energy sector to ensure the design is fully compatible with the parameters of their products.

Our design team also supports the civil engineering works by producing temporary/permanent works designs as may be required for the scheme. We are able to seek consents on behalf of our Clients and are able to liaise with Local Authorities, Network Rail, London Underground, and any other Statutory Undertakers to obtain the necessary approvals.

Supply and Installation

  • Supply of Pre-insulated Pipework
  • Civil Works
  • Mechanical , Welding Works and Plate Exchangers

Supply of Pre-insulated Pipework

We work with major suppliers of pre-insulated pipework to the UK market with whom we have built up good relationships. These suppliers are located in France, Sweden and Denmark. These companies are at the cutting edge of technology within the District Heating business and more specifically pre-insulated pipework having developed this over the last 30 to 40 years.

Civil Works

We have many years of groundwork’s experience which allows our teams to plan and execute work to high professional standard. We have probably the best team of professional s you could anywhere in the UK that will bring the most demanding of projects to a successful completion. We take health and safety very seriously and have always found a well organized and tidy site tends to be productive too. Our site managers encourage and reward positive behavior. We ensure all our excavations are well planned and supported.

We have the in-house capability and expertise to carry out all aspects of civil engineering from inception to completion.

The process


One of our key strengths is the ability to carry out civils and mechanical works. This allows us to manage the interface and ensure both civils and mechanical works can progress together productivity.

We have experienced class 1 welders carrying out high quality welding and sleeving of pre-insulated pipework. Our welders have been trained by pipe suppliers on double shrink and fusion welding type of sleeving.

High quality installation is essential in preventing any future leaks which could be costly and disruptive. We carry out our work in accordance with an approved test and inspection plan which will provide accountability of our workmanship. It is for this reason we always manage our work is managed by trained and competent supervisors.

Our fitters and welders are able to assemble the plate exchangers and in most cases we are contracted to extend the scope of our works to include these by the Client. We are also able to pre-fabricate the plate exchangers in our workshop facility and deliver to consumer building.

Leak Detection and Permanent Repair


We have the capability to respond quickly to leaks in DHN system which has potential to shut down the system. We have the technology and trained Engineers to establish the local of the leak. Once the area of the leak is established we will excavate and carry out a permanent repair before reinstating. We will not leave until the leak is found and repaired.

We’re proud of being able to respond quickly and mobilizing plant, equipment and manpower . We never the less follow strict safety protocols to ensure our highly trained staff is safe at all times whilst carrying out the works.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and Commissioning

All work is carried in accordance with a project specific Inspection and Test Plan to ensure the specification requirements are met. All work is checked and signed off by trained and competent staff to ensure the final product is able to meet the warranty criteria.

All aspects of the network installation is quality controlled from unloading off pipework to assembly.

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