Pre-insulated Pipe

District heating is the cleanest and most trouble-free form of heating for buildings.

Hot water (+120ºC) is transported in thick, well insulated pipes buried in the ground, and the water can be transported long distances without big heat losses. The heat is distributed to the different users through networks of pipes with narrower dimensions. The return water is fed back to the source for re-heating and re-distribution

Our products are installed as a bonded system using a steel service pipe surrounded by a polyurethane foam. These are enclosed in an impact-proof polyethylene casing pipe. These combined elements form a rigid structure with no relative movement between the internal steel pipe and external polyethylene casing. Pipe and pipe fittings are provisioned as standard with two copper alarm wires for connection to an electronic moisture surveillance system.

Specialist bespoke solutions are available and can be manufactured specifically to suit the project environment including bespoke pipe fittings, bends, valves, branching, drainage and air release.

District Cooling

Powerpipe’s products are as comfortable at low temperature as they are at high temperatures, the polyurethane foam (PUR) is made from polyol and isocyanate is enclosed in high density polyethylene jackets and fulfils the functional requirements of EN 253, minimising losses throughout the temperature range 0°C to 140°C .

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